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general questions

The 2023-2024 season begins on December 16, 2023 until April 14, 2024, (subject to snow and weather conditions)

The Grand-Bornand ski area : 84 km of slopes

The Aravis ski area : 211 km of slopes including the resorts of Le Grand-Bornand, La Clusaz, Manigod, Saint-Jean-de-Sixt (tow rope)

The link is made by shuttle between the resorts (15 minutes between Le Grand-Bornand & La Clusaz).

Veteran Pass : People of 75 years old and over on the first day of the skipass: 50% reduction on the public rates in force

Senior Pass : People from 65 to 74 years old on the first day of the skipass

Adult Pass : People from 15 to 64 years old on the first day of the skipass 

Youth Pass: People from 15 to 25 years old on the fist day of the skipass

Junior Pass : Children from 5 to 14 years old on the first day of the skipass

Free pass– 5 years access to the ski areas FREE (compulsory transport ticket on presentation of proof of age)


The age of the skier to be taken into account is that of the first day of validity of the pass. A proof of age is to be presented to justify its category.
Example : My child is 15 years old on February 12, 2023, his 6-days skipass starts on February 10, 2023 -> he benefits from the -15 years old skipass for the week.

You choose!
The 4 hours are counted from the first passage to the terminal : you can start skiing at 10 a.m. as well as at 1 p.m.! (example: I start skiing at 10:22 a.m, my skipass is valid until 2:22 p.m.)

Do not panic ! Just go to any ticket office with your proof of purchase (paper or digital version) to renew it.  Management fees will be applied.

All skipasses are strictly personal, non-assignable and non-transferable.

You will find a dozen automatic terminals to buy or withdraw your ski passes within our resort.

Attention ! The terminal do not issue proof of purchase. Just enter your email address to receive it; when the device suggests it.


AT VILLAGE (1000 m)

 – At Tourist Office : 2 terminals 

– Rosay Gondola  : 2 terminals 24h/24h 

At the ski lift office : 2 terminals (new mailing address from autumn 2022: 388 route de la Vallée du Bouchet)

Charmieux Ticket Office : 2 terminals 24h/24h

Châtelet Ticket Office : 2 terminals 24h/24h 

Tourism Office Ticket Office :  2 terminals 24h/24h

Doctors advise not to climb more than 1,700 meters above sea level for 15 months.

Dogs are allowed on all facilities.
The ski lift staff will decide according to the size of the dog and the degree of use of the device in particular.
Dogs are under the responsibility of their masters and must be kept on a leash on the installation but also in the mountains.

We allocate specific rates to Groups made up of a minimum of 20 people gathered in association, and fulfilling certain conditions.
For any information, please send an email to


Most of them but not all of them.

Skipasses for children under 5 must be purchased at the ticket office together with a proof of age.

Online purchase for under 5 years old of 2-day passes and more (also season pass) is possible; it is ordered with the purchase of a paid plan and requires the downloading of proof of age.

Skipasses for people with reduced mobility (and any accompanying person) are available and can be recharged online under certain conditions.

You won’t queue up at the ticket office and you will enjoy skiing as soon as you arrive at our ski resort.

Get 2% off online sales.

Reload online (up to 10 minutes before to ski) thanks to the number which is at the back of your rechargeable card.

We only accept payment by credit card MASTER CARD / CB / VISA / €

We use the Secure 3D security device, called Verified by Visa at Visa and SecureCode at Mastercard, combined with Cyberplus Paiement and Systempay Net.


You can place your order at the last moment !
For a withdrawal at the terminal :
Collect your skipasses directly from our terminals, until the last minute ! Simply enter the code received by e-mail in your purchase confirmation.

For reloading : if you already have the support called “skicard”, you can reload your skipass on our website until the last minute, before going skiing if your support is compatible with our system.

For the purchase of a season pass, Grand-Bo Lib’, and Handi’ski membership : it takes 7 working days for home delivery, after placing the order. We undertake to send you free of charge, in France by post, the ski passes at the latest 4 days before the first day of validity of the ski passes.

No, reloading is automatic, you don’t need to go to ticket office. Your skipass will be triggered from the first passage to the terminal.

All you have to do is enter the code received by e-mail in your purchase confirmation, the terminal will then deliver the skipasses.

The code (example : ZVTPFE1T) is located at the top of your purchase confirmation, after your contact details.

Find the locations of the terminals in the resort

You will receive a confirmation order mail, with all the details of your skipasses and your internet order number. You must keep it in case of problem.

If you buy your skipasses at our kiosks, you will get your ticket by e-mail.

Yes you do, when you order skipasses online for the first time, you will be asked to create an account with a login (mail address) and a password with at least 8 characters including a digit, a capital,  and a special character : for example Grandbo3*.

the keycard (rechargeable skicard)

The numbering of your ski card must start with 01-1614…

The ski card is a 2€ purchase (no deposit). It is rechargeable and reusable in other stations.

The coordinates of the skiers are memorized for a next connection, and your next order will be much faster.

At the end of your purchase, when you enter the information of each skier (surname, first name, date of birth), you can also enter the numbers of the ski’carte already in your possession :

Click on the picture

If the ski card is compatible, the mention valid card will be displayed opposite the numbers entered.
The inscription on the card is irrelevant for the allocation of the ski pass. (example: a child registration is written on the ski’carte, it does not matter, I can recharge it for an adult and vice versa)

At the end of your purchase, when you enter the information for each skier (surname, first name, date of birth), you can add the 2 € skicard :

Click on the picture

The skicard is a purchase (no deposit). It is rechargeable and reusable in other stations.
Save it for your next stay !


You have the choice between 2 season insurances: the Aravis Sécurité Saison, which covers you during the winter season for .. € / person, and the Carte Neige license from the FFS, which insures you from 15/09 to 14/ 10 of the following year for .. €/person.

The annual family insurance (.. € for the Carte Neige License) is not accessible on the internet : you must go to a point of sale in the resort to take it out.
Aravis Sécurité Famille insurance at .. € is available from, simply add the number of beneficiaries below the contact details of the main person.

Details of services :


Licence Carte Neige Loisir Medium

You will find all the information relating to Aravis Sécurité insurance by clicking on the link : aravis-securité

Available at the ticket office and online : Aravis Sécurité cancellation / assistance / repatriation rescue insurance for the day and up to 14 days, at .. € / day

Le Grand Bo Lib'

– Log on to the website with your login and password (under the phone number at the top right of the screen)

– Click on “my account”

– Click on “informations bancaires”

– Click on modifier “mes coordonnées bancaires “

– Click on the payment logo, as if you were going to settle a purchase

– The old registered card appears

– Choose the type of credit card (visa-mastercard etc)

– Enter the numbers of the BC

Once you have subscribed to Grand-Bo Lib’ or have been renewed, you can sponsor 1 person.
Your sponsored party must not have a customer account on our site.

– Log on to the website with your login and password (top right of sreen) 

  • – Click on “sponsorship”
  • – Fill all the blanks (name, surname, birthdate and email of your sponsored party)
  • – Then your sponsored pary will receive an email to subscribe, he just need to follow the instructions.

You can only sponsor one person, and the sponsored person’s email address must be different from that of the sponsor. The sponsored party is a new customer: he must not have an account on our online sales site.


Your sponsored party will then receive an email proposing your sponsorship offer. For the sake of security, the link contained in the email only works once and the promotion code is also issued only once.

The sponsored party must follow the instructions received in the sponsorship email step by step.


When subscribing to Grand Bo Lib’ online, all he has to do is enter the promotion code provided in order to benefit from the reduction.

Referral credit : it will be deducted from one of your invoices once the referral has been invoiced for a first day skiing consumed.

*SPONSORSHIP: A sponsor can only have one eligible sponsored party (and therefore only one credit note).

A loyalty day pass is FREE for those holding a Grand-Bo Lib’ pass , on the 8th, 12th and 16th day of skiing – i.e. every 4th day thereafter.

Customers that have subscribed to “Grand-Bo Lib’” in the previous winter season 2022-2023  are eligible for a preferential re-subscription price of 27 € for the season 2023/2024 which will be deducted by direct debit by the 15th of November preceding the coming season.

The 2023/2024 skicard will be the same as the previous season’s 2022/2023 skicard (or 2021-2022)

Do not panic ! All you have to do is go to any ticket office with your proof of purchase in order to renew it (a management fee is applied).

Sure. You do not have to do anything to activate your subscription, it is automatically renewed (without news from you on November 15, 2022).
All persons holding a Grand-Bo Lib’ membership for the 2021-2022 season reuse their same ski card for the 2022-2023 season.

Send us an e mail at

any question ?