Opening on december 12th, 2021 until april 18th, 2022.

The alpine ski area of Grand-Bornand:

  • 24 ski lifts, including 2 gondola lifts, 10 chair lifts, 9 ski lifts, 1 snow line and 2 free-access conveyor belts
  • 46 slopes, including 5 black, 13 red, 13 blue and 15 green.
  • 84 km of slopes
  • 1 snowpark with 4 jump lines for all levels (from S to XL), multiple rails for all levels, 1 red level boardercross, 1 free big airbag, 1 blue level boardercross at the Chinaillon snow front
  • 1 Alpina Experience timed track on which you can come and compete against the champions
  • 4 beginners’ areas including 2 areas with carpets (the Alpage Express, 210 m long covered carpet at the top of Rosay and the Outalays carpet at the Chinaillon snow front) and play areas
  • !!! NEW !!! Children areas: Défi Môm’, a thematic fun track, and
    the Môm’Park freestyle area
  • !!! NEW !!! 3 chill areas with mobile charging stations
  • Free access to 5 ski touring itineraries outside marked slopes, according to the municipal bylaw on ski touring 
  • 12 automatic kiosk ticket machines * (credit card payment)
  • 10 snow groomers (including 4 winches) equipped with Snowsat software which allows you to know the snow depth at any point in the area for optimization of grooming and snow production
  • Snowmaking provided by 270 snow cannons, or nearly 50% of the ski area.
  • Hourly flow: 37,331 skiers / hour
  • Quantity of CO2 emitted: on average each customer present on the ski area for a day will emit 215 g of CO2 using the ski lifts
Opening on december 12th, 2021 until april 18th, 2022.
… And more than 200 seasonal workers ready to welcome you with a smile!

* Not available on Kiosk terminals:

– skipasses for children under 5 years old (available at the ticket office, and online for long stay ski pass packages in addition to another paid ski pass package)

– the mini domaine, skipasses afternoon, Sunset skipasses (the mini domain and afternoon skipasses are available at the ticket office and online)

– skipasses for students Click on this link for more information on student packages

– skipasses for people with reduced mobility

– skipasses for paragliders  (available at the ticket office and online)


The Aravis area brings together the resorts of La Clusaz, Le Grand-Bornand, Manigod, Saint-Jean-de-Sixt (shuttle links between the resorts).
• 211 km of slopes *.
• 132 slopes: 13 black, 44 red, 46 blue, 33 green.
• 74 ski lifts.

* According to the recommendations of Domaines Skiables de France, the mileage corresponds to the length of the tracks analyzed in the middle of the track, increased by 30% to take into account the paths taken by the skiers. This is a measurement consistent with that provided by GPS and smartphone applications used by ski practitioners